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Language requirements

The majority of the courses given at ETSIT-UPM are in Spanish. When signing the student’s learning agreement, the home Institution guarantees that the student has sufficient Spanish knowledge to follow courses.

It is advisable to have a Spanish language level equivalent to B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages. If following classes in English, the minimum of English level required is B2. No certificate is required.

COURSES given in English at ETSIT-UPM

 Spanish courses

Taking into account that the major part of the courses are given in Spanish, UPM offers to its incoming students Spanish courses applied to Science and Technologies, through its Language Programme for Internationalization (PROLINTER). Starting end of August and end of January, UPM offers Spanish intensive language course, that may be complemented with the regular course during the first and second semester.You may find information about these courses at Prolinter-UPM website.