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Tapan Kumar Sarkar (Calcutta, India, August 2, 1948) nationalized in the United States. Currently he is professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Syracuse (NY).He has developed an intense teaching and research activity. The research of Professor Sarkar range from electromagnetic modeling to the signal processing and the development of subsystems and communications systems for various applications. It has deep knowledge of applied mathematics, electromagnetism, microwave, antenna theory and signal processing, which enabled it to cover a wide range of issues, proposing new and revolutionary solutions in many fields of applied electromagnetism, communications and signal processing. His research, not only theoretical but also practical experimental and have enabled the development of numerical methods for the design of antennas of all kinds: mobile phone antennas, satellite antennas shipped, ships, and aircraft. To this end, he has perfected a commercially available method currently used by a large number of researchers around the world. Professor Sarkar has directed more than 70 research projects funded by various institutions and companies and has published a really high number of scientific articles and books. Tapan Kumar Sarkar was invested Doctor Honoris Causa from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, on a proposal from the E.T.S.I. Telecomunicaciones, on 28 January 2004. He acted as godmother Professor Magdalena Salazar Palma.