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History of its buildings

In 1955, coinciding with the celebration of the centenary of Telecommunications in Spain, it opens at the Conde de Peñalver 19 Street, in the Salamanca district of Madrid, the Official School of Telecommunications. This same year the National Exhibition of Telecommunications and the First National Congress of Telecommunications Engineering are celebrated.

In 1965, under the direction of D. Emilio Novoa, the new facilities of the School of Telecommunications Engineering at Avenida Complutense 30 University City of Madrid are inaugurated.

The original building (Building A, also called "Sanz-Mancebo" in honor of the former Director of the ETSIT) is complemented in the mid-70s with a second building, Building B (called "Narciso García Redondo" in homage to that was Director of the ETSIT). In the 80s an important consideration in the size of the school with the construction of a third building (building C or "Gerardo López-Araújo) and the Institute of Solar Energy (IES) increase occurs. The latest enlargement has been very recently with the building D.