Studies of Graduate degree in Engineering Technology and Telecommunication Services are suitable for students who have demonstrated in previous studies that have given them access a proven mathematical reasoning ability and capacity for abstraction and troubleshooting of physical and mathematics. Knowledge of these basic current level Bachelor disciplines are presupposed. It must also express interest in technological development, new technologies, and concerns regarding how and why the world around us.

It is essential high adaptability and upgrade to be able to adapt to the rapid pace of advances in these moments the world of telecommunications. In telecommunications, it is best suited for the vocational profiles without a defined orientation title, for those wishing to do research, and in general, for those who get the professional duties of Telecommunications Engineer with Grade lest the ultimate goal of university education, but the prelude to the Master in Telecommunication Engineering also be taught in this school and the title is necessary to pursue the regulated profession of Telecommunications Engineer.

Access to graduate studies in Engineering Technology and Telecommunication Services is governed by Royal Decree 1892/2008, of 14 November, laying down conditions for access to official university degree and procedures governing admission to the Spanish public universities, and is regulated by the "Rules on Access and Enrollment" adopted by the Governing Council of the UPM at its meeting on April 24, 2014 (academic year 2014-15). In this paper the different paths and quotas and applicable administrative procedures are detailed.

On the home page, as well as in the Secretarial ads, will be duly informed of the terms and procedures of registration for each of the two periods (July - First semester enrollment- and January -Second semester enrollment).