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Bachelor of Science in Data Engineering and Systems

About the Bachelor's degree

Digital transformation is revolutionising the society, making companies demand professionals capable of extracting and analysing all the information contained in what people leave in daily life while working, travelling, etc.: data. Engineers capable of managing this vital information will be able to turn the ideas and projects that surround them into something that goes beyond the conventional. Sectors such as banking, commerce, health, genomics, transport and energy have already begun to change their working methods in line with this new trend that is here to stay.

Professional profile you acquire:

Students of the degree in Data Engineering and Systems:

  • They will possess a mathematical and analytical profile, being able to develop projects of a multidisciplinary nature that require knowledge and integration of a large number of technologies.
  • They will specialise in the design and management of data systems, becoming engineers capable of manoeuvring and understanding the technologies and platforms that make up the entire data value chain: acquisition, transmission, storage, processing, visualisation, analysis and value extraction.
  • They will be trained in the processing of large volumes of data, which will make them the perfect ally when it comes to making decisions.

In short, they will be able to have a clear impact on society in a multitude of areas and in any sector of activity.