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Extraordinary Doctoral Awards


The Doctoral Committee of the UPM annually convenes the Extraordinary Doctoral Awards for those doctors who have read his doctoral thesis in the previous academic year, have obtained the mention "Cum Laude" and apply for the aforementioned distinction.

Detailed instructions can be found in Spanish.

Nominations: in September, via the ETSIT-UPM Secretariat, by delivery of the CV and the evidences of the alleged merits as detailed in the aforementioned instructions

Templates for the CV:

  • Template PDF
  • Template in Word format

Assessment of merits

Candidates awarded

  • Candidates awarded (2016)

More about the awards

The delivery of the diploma of the Special Award takes place during a Solemn Academic Ceremony held in the winter term. Find details here.

Regulation: Development and Evaluation of the doctoral thesis (art. 34).