(a)- an ability to use mathematical modeling and simulation for research, development and innovation in multidisciplinary environments related to Telecommunication Engineering

(b)- the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, coordinate, and manage the technical and economic aspects of Telecommunication Engineering projects, along with the ability to be in charge of the general and technical management of research and development projects

(c)- an ability to design, deploy and manage complex telecommunication services, systems and components, considering technical, economical and social constraints, and the quality provided

(d)- the knowledge of, and ability to apply current legislation and professional regulations, and an ethical commitment in professional Telecommunication Engineering practice

(e)- an ability to direct, and be in charge of multidisciplinary teams

(f)- an ability to communicate effectively (in oral and written form, in English and in Spanish) both to a professional and a non professional audience

(g)- an ability for self-directed, autonomous, life-long learning