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Conferencia: “What’s new in Net Neutrality?”

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Fecha y Hora:
Fecha de Inicio: 05 marzo 2018
Hora de Inicio: 17:00
Hora de Finalización: 19:00

Departamento SSR.

Although the concept was coined in 2003 after the deregulation of telecommunications infrastructure in the US, net neutrality has remained as one of the most controversial issues in Internet Policy for longer than many expected. Following varying legal disputes, especially in the US, regulations aiming to ensure that “all traffic through the Internet is treated equally” were passed in 2015 both in the EU and in the. However, the Federal Communications Commission revoked the net neutrality rules in the US last December. What’s new in net neutrality?


Bio Prof. Christopher Yoo

Christopher Yoo is a professor of Law, Communication, and Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania, and founding director of the Center for Technology, Innovation, and Competition. He has emerged as one of the American leading authorities on law and technology, in which field he is among the most frequently cited authors. His research focuses on how the principles of network engineering and the economics of imperfect competition can provide insights into the regulation of electronic communications. He has been a leading voice in the “network neutrality” debate that has dominated Internet policy over the past several years. He is the author of The Dynamic Internet: How Technology, Users, and Businesses Are Transforming the Network (AEI Press, 2012), and Networks in Telecommunications: Economics and Law (Cambridge Univ. Press, 2009) (with Daniel F. Spulber). Yoo testifies frequently before Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commission



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