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Conferencia:"Nanoscale Engineering of Materials and Interfaces for High Performance Rechargeable Batteries"

Sala C-206.1 de la ETSI de Telecomunicaciones de la UPM
Fecha y Hora:
Fecha de Inicio: 14 septiembre 2018
Hora de Inicio: 12:00
Hora de Finalización: 14:00

Electrochemistry Group Leader IMDEA-Materials Institute - Instituto de Sistemas Optoelectrónicos y Microtecnología (ISOM)

Development of rechargeable batteries with high performance and safety is one of the key challenges faced by modern electrochemistry. Rechargeable Li-ion batteries attracted significant attention during the last two decades due to their widespread application in portable electronics, medical implants, grid-level energy storage and electric vehicles. Recently, secondary Na-ion batteries emerged as an alternative candidate for large-scale energy storage. Low-cost and abundance of resources are main advantages of this technology. Li-S and Li-O2 batteries are another high-performance battery system, which has several fold energy densities compared to the conventional Li-ion batteries. Despite of the several advantages of Li and Na-ion based batteries, their energy and power densities are not sufficient for more energy demanding commercial applications such as long-range driving. Consequently, development of high-performance electrode materials and interfaces are necessary to improve the energy density, power density and cycling stability of these secondary battery systems. This seminar will be focused on the recent work of IMDEA electrochemistry group on the nanoscale engineered materials and interfaces for advanced Li-ion, Na-ion, Li-S and Li-O2 batteries.

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