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AI Visual Intelligence: mirroring how humans understand visuals

Salón de Actos (Edificio C)
Fecha y Hora:
Fecha de Inicio: 12 noviembre 2018
Hora de Inicio: 19:10
Hora de Finalización: 20:00

Depto. SSR

Seminario impartido por: Shazura


Sira Pérez de la Coba founder & CEO at Shazura will present a unique AI Visual Intelligence approach to visual search, sorting and grouping through fingerprints. Shazura's instant image recognition technology, called the "Google of Images", has transformed the $530b market of image and video content, by delivering a disruptive approach of patented AI that understand visuals like human brains do, extracting their unique fingerprints instead of classifying the contents through words.

In this talk you will be introduced to Shazura’s Visual Intelligence: the next step to machine and deep learning techniques, providing a fast, high-accurate and scalable straight forward visual recognition, applicable to all industries, tackling and make sense of a large and exponentially growing rate of images/videos/gifs.


La conferencia se impartirá en inglés.


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