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First International workshop on ultra-high temperatura thermal energy storage, transfer and conversión

Salón de Actos (Edificio C)
Fecha y Hora:
Fecha de Inicio: 15 noviembre 2019
Hora de Inicio: 08:30
Hora de Finalización: 15:00

Instituto de Energía Solar

Ultra-high temperature thermal energy storage, transfer and conversion is an emerging field of science and technology that aims to make a more efficient use of thermal energy by finding new materials and devices able to store, transfer and convert thermal energy into electricity at temperatures near or beyond 1000 ºC. The field covers many different applications, such as energy storage, solar thermal power, waste heat recovery, space power generation, or cogeneration and trigeneration in both residential and industrial environments.


The first goal of the workshop is to bring together experts in the fields of high temperature materials and devices, in order to assess the state-of-the art of research and industrial developments. The second goal of the workshop is to establish an International platform that coordinates research in ultra-high temperature materials and devices and make it internationally visible.






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