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Courses Athens

General information

The ATHENS network (Advanced Technology Higher Education Network / SOCRATES) , created in 1996, consists of 15 European universities and institutions in the area of technology: BME Budapest, ITU Istanbul, TU Delft, KU Leuven, IST Lisbon, UCL Louvain-la -Neuve, UP Madrid, Milan Politecnico, TU Munich, CTU Prague, AUTh Thessaloniki, NTNU Trondheim, TU Wien, Warsaw UT, and 9 of the 11 institutions that form the ParisTech "Grandes Ecoles d'Ingénieurs de Paris !, (AgroParisTech, AgroParisTech / ENGREF, ENPC, ENSAM, ENSCP, Mines paris Tech, Telecom ParisTech, ENSTA, ESPCI).

The main objective of the network is to facilitate the mobility and exchange of students, teachers and researchers among the top European universities and technological institutions and participate in training programs and European technological development.

One of the main actions of the network is organizing a program of activities (courses) intensive taught in different institutions that are part of the network. These programs are taught in two periods of the academic year (called "sessions") in the months of November and March.

You can find more information about the network and the sessions on the website of ATHENS program or through the website of the ATHENS program at UPM.

Application courses (Session March 2016)

Already open the application deadline of the ATHENS courses for the next edition to be held from 12 to 19 March 2016.

Students interested should make their registration on the website of system.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that applicant’s students review the course content and the requirements established by those responsible for each course to follow successfully. The responsibility of choosing the right courses is exclusively of the applicant.

It is recommended to choose at least three courses to increase the probability of being granted with one.

Every student who enrolls in the web and request courses must know in detail the general conditions and the rules and obligations of participation in this program. From acceptance in the course ATHENS, cancellation will not be possible except in very special circumstances.

Once realized the registration on the web, they must also print and sign the enrollment form as well as the Commitment of student and deliver both documents at the international office ETSIT-UPM.

The deadline for submission of applications at the International Bureau of the ETSIT-UPM is Monday January 25, 2016 at 14:00 (Applications may be filed by that date and time in the mailbox).

For further information see the website of the UPM.

IMPORTANT: On the online application is asked to record a series of data about the home university. Students ETSIT-UPM must specify the following:

Department: ETSI Telecomunicacion

Supervisor: Luis Salgado

email: international.etsit(at)

Once the acceptance in the ATHENS course is received the cancellation will not be possible except in very special circumstances. The student will be responsible for local costs pertaining to the organizing institution, as well as accommodation expenses.

List of admitted students: February 10, 2016

Recognition of credits

For students of the plan 94:

ETSIT-UPM, within its rules of recognition of elective credits, includes the recognition of 2 credits ETSIT by overcoming a course taught in the ATHENS program.

For Bachelor Students:

Is established the possibility of obtaining up to two ECTS credits, upon acceptance of the COA. To do so, you must submit the certificate and course syllabus made at the international office.

Since this is a credit recognition, the recognition of these courses will be registered and recognized in the international office after the completion thereof, once received in the ETSIT the certificates for overcoming the course issued by the corresponding universities. In any case, the International Bureau of ETSIT-UPM will notify by email all the stakeholders at the time that such certificates are received so that they can begin the process of recognition.