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Vagan V. Shahgeldyan is Rector of the Technical University in Telecommunications and Informatics of Moscow, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Laureate of the State Prize and Member of the Russian Academy of Engineering Sciences and the International Academy of Information. After graduating from the Moscow Electro technical Institute of Communications (FEMIP) he began working in the Department of the Institute itself as a Scientific Research Engineer. Between 1962 and 1970 he worked as a Senior Research Scientist in the same department, while working as a professor at the Institute. In 1967 he was elected Rector of FEMIP in 1980 and under his leadership the Moscow Institute of Telecommunications is created, which becomes the center of the training of specialists in the field of Telecommunication .In January 1992, by a decree of the Russian Government, the Institute becomes the University of Telecommunications and Informatics of Moscow. Professor Shakhgildyan is a renowned scientist in the field of telecommunications and computing. He is also the author of numerous scientific papers, books and monographs. He has actively participated in major conferences and scientific symposia, both national and international. His monograph "Phase locked loop systems" (1972) was, in his country, the first theoretical and practical book especially devoted to the subject, "Adaptive receiving of signals" (1974) and "Phase tuning Systems with elements of discretization" (1989) were two other important papers. The aim of the research work of Professor Shahgeldyan is directed to the analysis of the systems phase synchronization, receiving and processing information and other aspects of telecommunications and computing. VAGAN SHAKHGILDYAN V. Directs the research of various scientific and technical projects related to the development of effective telecommunication systems. For the vast number of articles published between 1963-1983 Shakhgildyan has been awarded with the State Prize. The scientific activity of Professor Shakhgildyan is widely known abroad. Takes an active part in the work of the 7th Research Commission of the International Telecommunication Union and is an editorial member of two important international journals. Professor Vagan V. Shahgeldyan was invested Doctor Honoris Causa from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, on a proposal from the E.T.S.I. Telecommunications, on 30 January 1995. He acted as godfather D. Jesus Sanchez Miñana.