Wi-Fi & VPN networks setup

There are several wireless networks ready to use inside ETSIT precinct. Depending on choosen network it will be required to own an UPM (@upm.es) e-mail account, or a student, researcher or staff School account.


Eduroam is a service offered by UPM to their students, researchers and staff. To use this network an UPM (@upm.es / @alumnos.upm.es) e-mail account is required. Detailed setup instructions following next link: Connecting Eduroam


VPN technology (Virtual Private Network) allows set up an extension of your local network over a public network, e.g. Internet. To make it possible, in a secure way, is needed to provide the proper means, so that authentication, integrity and confidentiality of every piece of information transmitted is ensured.

Main advantage of this service is the possibility of establish a remote connection with ETSIT, with the aim of having a public IP available of the UPM scope, which will provide you with, for instance, full access to the bibliographic resources from outside. Also there is the possibility to check the e-mail and make a remote desktop connection.


To connect to the VPN offered by UPM go to his website and follow the instructions: VPN-UPM webpage