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Develop specifications for different types of documents references

Each document type has a number of special features to take into account when drawing references. Below we summarize the specifications as in the case of an electronic resource, software, audiovisual material or a patent, but there are many more types of documents


1. Electronic Resources

Electronic resources may be local as CDs and DVDs or remote in the network.

ISO determines three groups of networked electronic documents.

1.1. Electronic monographs

In this section we will include content-independent files, web sites and file sets or pages that have content and design unity with a common title. Also databases and software would go in this section.

1.2. Electronic serialized publications 

Series are considered a set of files that are accessed through a page, or a series of pages that maintain their individuality but with a common title.

A wiki resource would be integratable, that is a creation composed by parts that can be adjusted separately.

1.3. Discussion lists, blogs and messages


These documents have certain characteristics that should be applied when making references

 • Identifier digital.- Whenever the appeal is associated with a persistent identifier as a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) or another, it shall be specified in the following reference numbers and paging. Ex: DOI: 10.1016 / j.nima.2012.08.046.

• Support. - The type of support has to be stated as indicated in the relevant section. Examples of types of electronic resources would be: [database online], [serial online], [software], [e-mail], and [digital image], [podcast], [audio file].

 • Version. - The version or an update shall be in the editing section. Example: Version 3.1.

 • Date of consultation. - For online resources should be noted the date of consultation after the numbering and paging. Ex [query: 05/28/2013]

 • Location - The availability and access information will be indicated in order to identify and locate the cited resource. Ex: Available in:  

2. Software

  • The creator takes precedence over the dealer at the mention of authorship.
  • It should include version information. Example: In Design CS6 [program]. Version 1.
  • It will be chosen as the date of publication, the one of the distribution of the program.

3. Audiovisual material

It should be indicated the format information of the resource for identifying the technical requirements for its reproduction. EJS: [DVD], [MPEG-4]

4. Patents

The order of the elements is as described below:  

NAME OF THE HOLDER OR patent applicant / patent title / name or  code country / official designation of the serial code in which the patent / serial number of the patent / date of approval or date of application / body / included [date of consultation] / availability and access / additional information

Ex Carl Zeiss Jena, VEB. Anordnung zur lichtelektrischen Erfassung eines der Mitee Lichtfeldes. Switzzerland, Patenschrift 608626. 15/01/1979.

Ex PHILIP MORRIS INC. Optical perforating apparatus and system. European Patent Application 0021165 A1. 07/01/1981.