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UPM Digital Archive

Access to the Digital Archive [Repository of academic production of the UPM in open and full text that houses the academic and scientific documentation generated at the University. It contains theses, end-of-degree projects, end-of-master projects, end-of-degree projects, scientific articles, monographs, book chapters, etc.]

How I can publish on the Digital Archive of the UPM?

To publish your academic documentation in the Digital Archive you must be a member of the university community.

There are two ways to publish in the AD-UPM:

Through the Library

  1. You must sign a consent form for the open publications of the work of which you are an author you have to do us arrive.
  2. We do get the document to the Library [preferably in electronic format].
  3. We will upload it to the Digital Archive and we will send the static URL of your document.

Yourself, through self-archiving

  1. You must register in the Digital Archive (
  2. You must sign a consent form for the open publication of the work of which you are an autor.
  3. Upload your document to Digital File from your user registration.
  4. Wait for the document review and get it validated.

Although these are the basic steps, there is more information that may interest you to publish openly: Publish, what do I need to know?