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Loan of books and Self Loan

We differentiate the loan that is made in the reading room (material that cannot leave the premises of the Library) known as " room  loan," the one that is done so that the user can use it outside the library, this Finally we call it "home loan", de aquel que se realiza para que el usuario pueda utilizar fuera de la Biblioteca, a este último le llamamos

What is the home loan?

This is a service that allows you to take borrowed library books for a certain time.

Video about the library loan service

How I can use the loan service?

You just need to have your card and present it at the UPM library desk along with the / copies you need take on loan.

Video about using the loan service and Self Loan at the Library

What kind of books can be borrowed?

In general, almost all the works of the Library can be loaned, although some works are NOT loaned:

  • Reference Works
  • PhD Theses and Final Year Projects 
  • Journals
  • Copies of special value
  • Copies of exclusive use of room (the distinctive "not for loaning")

Self Loan machine and return 

If you want to take one or several books on home loan, you can make use of the Self Loan machine installed in the Library. This machine is located next to the loan desk if you have any problems about your operation do not hesitate to ask the library staff.

To use this machine you only need your UPM card or a provisional library card. As well as using the machine for Self Loan you can also use it to renew your books before the expiry date of the loan.

Loan Regulation

The Governing Council of the approved the new Regulations Loan Library UPMs  on January 27, 2011