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Group study rooms, Rules and regulations


Article 1. Introduction

These rules govern the temporary use of the study rooms of the ETS de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación.

Article 2. Users

2.1 They may be users of the multipurpose rooms members of the university community of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

2.2 In order to access these resources you will have to present the UPM license or, where applicable, the library card when dealing with other authorized users will be required.

Article 3. Procedure and conditions of use of the Library rooms

3.1. The Library has 8 rooms group study with up to 6 people each, being the authorized minimum 2 people.

3.2. Users must request the use of the rooms at the loan desk, filling out the paperwork they are indicated by the library staff

a) Signature of use application is made by the person concerned.

b) The user who signs the application assumes responsibility for the proper use of the room by the whole group and the implicit acceptance of these rules.

3.3. The group work rooms will be used solely and exclusively for academic purposes related to activities of study, research and teaching.

3.4. The maximum use of these rooms will be three hours, renewable for another 3 in the case of not been reserved by other users and must be returned or made available to the Library, in any case, when it is required by its staff.

3.5. The maximum number of users of the rooms is 6 people; you cannot beat this number for security.

3.6. The user must ensure the integrity and good maintenance of facilities and warn the Library staff for any damage you have observed in them. The rooms must be returned in the same conditions that have been delivered, as well as other material that may have been provided with rooms (whiteboards, markers, etc).

3.7. The schedule of the rooms will be the opening of the Library; cards must be delivered with enough time to respect the closing time of the Library.

3.8. Each room has connection to the data network, power grid and connection to the wi-fi network of the UPM. In some of the rooms you may have additional equipment (for example set slate, laptops, etc. which will be reserved and provided separately).

3.9. They shall apply the same basic rules as the rest of the facilities of the Library (not drink or eat and maintain a moderate noise environment to facilitate the work of others).

Article 4. Reservations

4.1. The rooms may be reserved at a maximum one week in advance.

4.2. The reserved rooms will only be kept on hold for 10 minutes if the user does not show up on time to collecting card credited as borrower, you will lose the rights to the reservation and the room users who are waiting will be delivered, although they have no reservations about it.

4.3. In the case of users requesting reservations for rooms and not present to collect them, they will have the same penalty that users who do not pick a reservation made on a book (48 hours card lock) -see Loan Regulations UPM.

4.4. Reservations can be made at the loan desk of the Library, no telephone reservations or by any other means will be handled online.

4.5. At exam time, the Library reserves the right to suspend reservation service to speed up and optimize the use of the rooms.

Article 5. User Responsibility

5.1. In the event of destruction, deterioration of facilities, misuse thereof or failure to comply with these rules, the school may adopt depending on the institution and the importance of the action, the measures laid down in the actual legislation.