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School Directors

Centenary of the Telecommunication

During 2013 the centenary of the introduction of the word Telecommunication in our language is celebrated (1913-2013). But this anniversary coincides also with the centenary of the creation in Spain of the first General School of Telegraphy, the predecessor of our School, on June 3, 1913.

The germ of Telecommunication engineers is the telegraphers, Technical Corps of the State that originally performed the tasks related with the radio communications means. The Telegraphy was passed to Telecommunication engineering, with the introduction of new wireless communication techniques such as the telephone and radio broadcasting.

As a small contribution to this double celebration, we present in this website a list of all the directors that our School has had, nowadays known  as Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación. Meant to be a recognition of all those who, as first people in charge, have been entrusted with the mission to carry out the training of engineers Telecommunications in Spain since the beginning of these studies until today. With the recent appointment (January 2013) Felix Perez Martinez, the number of directors at the front of the school during the last hundred years reached the figure of 19.


School through its directors

The history of our School can be divided into four stages, corresponding to the different names and locations it has had. We present below the directors grouped in these stages, along with information about each of them. However, it is also available the complete gallery of directors, which groups all of them without further information.

Introductory text and photographs provided by Vicente Alcober directors Bosch, professor at the School, with the collaboration of Vicente Miralles, Joaquin Serna curator of the Museum of History of Telecommunications.


See the complete gallery of directors

Escuela General de Telegrafía (1913–1929)
Escuela Oficial de Telecomunicación (1930–1949)
Escuela Oficial de Telecomunicación (1949–1965)
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación (1965–presente)