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Library Collection

The library collection consists of a set of library resources described below

The collection is specialized in Telecommunication Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, this collection are mainly books and other resources specialized in electromagnetism, electronics, physics, telematic systems, mathematics, signals, systems and radio communications, special technologies applied to telecommunications, photonics, biomedical imaging, biomedicine, etc. It is a collection of around 60,000 books and serials that are distributed in the reading room and the Library archive.

Recommended bibliography

In our collection you can find all the books that teachers recommend for the program: bachelor courses taught at the School, official and masters, doctoral studies, research and much more.

PhD Thesis, Master Thesis and Final Bachelor Projects

You can check the PhD Theses in the reading room presented at the School since 1964 (about 2,000 Theses). This type of documentation is out of loan, but you can find many of them in full text in the Digital Archive of the UPM. Our deposits also contain an important collection of Bachelor projects (around 10,000 copies).   Search for PhD Theses and Master Thesis

Language Learning resources

Language learning resources that you can take on loan, just choose the language you want to learn: English, French, German, Chinese, Russian ... etc. The English learning resources have been acquired according to the recommendations of the English department; you can also find novels, comics, movies,  and other audiovisual material in English. Search of language resources


Part of the library collection is composed of a variety of materials and equipment for loan, such as: laptops, with its respective accessories, electronic book readers, graphing calculators, pen drives, video camera, cameras...

Electronic resources

You can get full access to the electronic resources that University has signed for (IEEE, Proceedings, Conferences, Data bases, Standards, etc.). INGENIO is a search engine of electronic resources of the University Library. This collection provides full text access to more than 30,000 scientific journals, electronic books, conferences and more.   Access to INGENIO

Literature, essays, poetry, theatre, etc.

We have a variety of non-technical works (comics, essays, poetry, theater, etc.) and other works of literature and creation that you can take on loan to dive into other worlds. You can find this collection in our Catalog and in the Library. Ask us.

Reference section

What's in our reference section? In addition to encyclopedias, specialized and language dictionaries, you can also find manuals in:  physics, optics, electronics, telecommunications regulatory standards, equivalence tables, etc.


We have a collection of scientific journals that come from Library subscriptions, donations of School Departments and Research Institutions. They are available in Library. It is a collection of over 700 titles of magazines on paper located in our archives.  Search into the Catalogue

Movies (on DVD)

In the library there is also a collection of movies in DVD that you can take out on loan. The collection comes from donations from our users.

Classical music

Hundreds of CDs of music from great composers like Haydn, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Borodin, Mendelssohn, Puccini, Verdi, Wagner, Falla, Albeniz, etc... You can take them on loan to enjoy your music.

Museum collection

The Museum collection has interesting items of great value and unknown by the public in general. The Library exhibits some of the elements cataloged and explained, so that students can learn about the origin of telecommunications today.

Photographic archive

The Library holds the photographic archive of the School with photographs of academic events held at the school since it opened in the current building (1965). It is a collection of more than 2,000 photographs that have been scanned for preservation and are available at the Library.

Historical library collection

The Library has some special issues and valuable for their rarity, books linked to the origins of telecommunication, physics, mathematics, radio, television and more. This collection also includes some facsimile of bibliographic jewels of the University.

Map Collection

We have a collection with 500 Topographic-military maps of locations in Spain scale 1:50.000 that you can check in the reading room excluded from loan. These maps are edited by the Spanish Geographical Service of the Army and were donated by the students association of the School.