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Map and facilities of the library

  • 8 Group study rooms (capacity for 6 students)
  • 500 reading seats
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Special study spaces
  • Reading room
  • Group study area
  • Laptop loans
  • Study room with computer equipment accessible for people with disabilities

Group Study Rooms

In the library there are 8 group study rooms with a maximum capacity of 6 persons each. These rooms are equipped with data network and wi-fi.

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Reading room

The library has a reading room with a capacity of 500 seats. It has a bibliographic collection specialized in telecommunications, you can also access the recommended bibliography for the programs. You can also find in the reading room:

  • Reference works (dictionaries, encyclopedias, rules, tables)
  • Specialized journals received in the Library
  • Literary work (novels, essays, poetry, theater ...)

Ciberteca (computer room)

The Ciberteca is a Library facility with 80 seats, this area is dedicated specially to use laptops, computers, tablets and other computer equipment.

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Permanent exhibition of the Museum of ETSIT

The ETSIT museum "Professor Joaquin Serna"shows a wide range of ancient equipment and elements used in telecommunications: radar, telephone switchboards, radio stations, collections valves, electronic components and tools used in the teaching of telecommunications in the last decades of the nineteenth Century and throughout the twentieth Century.

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Special service for people with disabilities

The library has three full equipped working areas for people with disabilities. There is specific software and accessories with adapted equipment.

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