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Loan regulations and temporary use of resources and non bibliographic material

Regulation loan UPM. Annex II: "Regulations loan and temporary use of resources and no bibliography in the University Library"



These rules govern the use of borrowed and temporary use of non Bibliographical Resources Support for Teaching and Learning (1) made by the Library Service. Given the rapid advancement of technology, the proliferation of new media and electronic objects, as well as the variable availability of them in the library dependencies, these regulations will have regular updates subsequent to be published exclusively on the website of the UPM (University Library Channel).

1) Such resources shall be understood the laptops, audiovisual equipment and those same basis, subject loan, which may be subsequently incorporated into these utilities



They can make use of this service the members of the university community of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, composed of students, research staff and faculty and administrative staff and services.



Non-bibliographic resources will be used exclusively to academic use: tasks and activities of study, research or teaching

1. Loan

You will be required in the Loan Service of the Library and will be made upon presentation of valid University card and identity will be credited with the presentation of ID card or official document (passport or driving license). Some of these materials may require reading and signing by the document user acceptance of the conditions of use.

The duration of the loan is subject to the type of resource. The service schedule will depend on the opening hours of the library, but in any case will end one hour before closing it.

2. Reservations

These resources can be reserved in advance; the user can select the desired time slot. It shall not be more than one reservation per day per person. If the user does not come to collect the material, the Library will cancel the reservation 15 minutes after the start of the period of it.

3. Return

The equipment must be returned with all its components in good condition. The library staff will check that is in perfect condition. The user will return the material an hour before the closing of the Library.



The loan period may vary advance technologies and media. The characteristics of each bracket are shown. Subsequent changes to this period as well as the incorporation of new materials loan will be published in subsequent updates exclusively on the website of the UPM (University Library Channel).

Any failure or malfunction of non bibliographic material must be immediately communicated to the staff's attention Loan Service of the Library.

1. In the case of laptops

Laptops will necessarily be used in the facilities of the Library, except conveniently reasoned exception.

The equipment is lent for a maximum of five hours, with the possibility of renewal.

You may not manipulate or hardware or software installed on computers.

Data can be exported through enabled on the laptop or using an auxiliary memory system.

The laptop will be reset after each loan erasing all files added by the user. The loan service is not responsible for data loss that might occur.

The user will have available a user guide with instructions for use. 

2. In the case of group study rooms

They may be used for a maximum period of three hours, unless there are further renewable reserves.

Users must prove at the counter of the Library with your University card.

The maximum number of users of the rooms may vary according to the centers; but always should be adjusted to the maximum number set.

The availability of this material will vary with each library facility that is part of the University Library of the UPM

3. In the case of lockers

He Library own lockers are used only for storing bibliographic and non-bibliographic materials provided by the library.

The maximum period of use shall be:

a) Teachers 1 semester

b) Researchers 1 month

The availability of this material will vary with each library facility that is part of the University Library of the UPM



Use of this service is transferable and the borrower is responsible for the custody and proper use of equipment.

In the case of equipment loan accreditation of identity with official documents (identity card, passport or driving license) is required.

The material must be returned in the same condition it was delivered to the user.

Misuse of this service is punishable by applying Section 5 of Regulation Lending Library UPM.