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Mentor project, training for undergraduate students


Training for students that have recently joined the School through Mentor Project on the use of the library and its services.

Students enrolled as Mentors in the Mentor Project receive specific training by the library staff in the use and skills of information resources offered by the University Library. After this training, mentors form the first year students who have signed up to the project.

  • Dates: September
  • Intended for: Mentors. We form all new students who request it
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Location: Library
  • Enrollment required: Yes


  1. Access: User license / Wi-Fi network access and UPM
  2. The catalog and online services: - Search - Loan - Reservations - Renewals
  3. Loan of laptops, graphic calculators and other equipment
  4. Using the Ciberteca. Access
  5. Using group work rooms.
  6. Know the library collection, its funds and how books are found
  7. Suggest the purchase of books
  8. Recommended bibliographies