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What is Mentoring at the ETSIT?

Mentoring  at the ETSIT-UPM aims to orientate and help new students (freshmen and international) by senior students. This is done under the supervision of teachers from the school, both for success in university studies, and to facilitate academic and social integration into the school life.

Mentoring is based on providing the student:

  1. Academic Guidance: the necessary support to successfully address the different subjects of the course, from the experience of the mentor student.
  2. Social Orientation: the necessary assistance to help the student to adapta himself to the school life and the university environment, considering the diversity.
  3. Administrative guidance: guidance on general administrative procedures.

Contact us

For inquiries, both mentors and "mentees", you can get in touch with the coordinators of the Mentoring Project in proyectomentor(at)