Final Year Project

The Final year Project (TFG) is a work done by the student under the guidance of a tutor, which its main aim is to apply the acquired knowledge, accumulated experiences, skills of creativity and originality and your personal abilities to solving real problems, the development of ideas, models or prototypes, the technical studies, etc. skills All within the own subject area of the degree. (Bachelor)


The TFG is, to some extent, the first overall work experience of the student, on a professional basis, serving as synthesis and culmination of their studies and allowing in the process to acquire new knowledge and experience.

In the Syllabus of the Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunication Technologies and Services, the TFG is a curricular Course more located in the last year of the bachelor with a commitment of 12 ECTS. But unlike the other subjects the student must register the TFG to be approved by the Academic Committee of the School as a pre-step so that it can be defended. Registration can be done at any time during the academic year, preferably in the periods set by the academic calendar of the University (February and July).

More information about the procedure and paperwork can be found on the page of Secretary Office.