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 What are the Student internships in companies?

They are formative nature activities carried out by students and supervised by the University, in order to apply and complement the knowledge acquired in their education, encouraging the acquisition of skills and for the exercise of professional activities.


• RD 592/2014 of the 11 July by which the student internships in companies are regulated.

• Student internships in companies Regulations, approved by the Governing Council of the UPM at its meeting on 28 February 2013.


 Modality of the student internships in companies

 Currently, the Polytechnic University of Madrid offers two modalities for carrying out student internships in companies:

• Curricular student internships in companies: made by the students as integrated into the academic curriculum activities. In the case of our School as electives.

• Extracurricular student internships in companies: The students performed voluntarily during their training period and, while having the same purposes as the curriculum, not part of the relevant curriculum. However, they will be referred to in the European Diploma Supplement.


Where are they performed?

•In Collaborating entities: companies, institutions, public and private entities, both national and international level.

• At the University itself: Centers, Research Institutes, Laboratories, and Departments.


Educational cooperation agreement

• Any stay of the student internships in companies must be regulated by an Educational Cooperation Agreement signed Marco character prior to its commencement, between the UPM and the Entity where it will perform. They have a standard format for all centers UPM.

• As development of the Framework Convention Individual Educational Cooperation Agreements will be generated for each student and each student internship in companies in particular.


Requirements for students to pursue academic student internship in companies in the ETSIT

1. Be registered in the corresponding Bachelor of ETSIT

2. For student internship in companies in the Bachelor of ITST GIB: Having overcome 120 ECTS

3. MUIT student internship in companies: Being a student of the 2nd year. To apply in 1st year, Head of Studies authorization is needed.